Protective Relay

In many areas utilities are requiring protective relays for systems 500kW and above. DAI provides protective relay 3-line drawings showing all connections and associated ANSI functions, onsite relay programming and setup, as well as witnessing and coordination of 3rd party relay testing.

Remote Terminal Units (RTU)

For PV systems in the megawatt range, even for roof top applications, utilities may require real time monitoring and reporting of power generation .


In grid-tied renewable energy system, communication plays extremely important role in monitoring, operating, and protecting.

Protective Relays, RTUs & Communication

Day Ahead Instrumentation, custom protection and control for the photovoltaic industry.

Protective relays, remote terminal units, CTs/PTs or custom sensing and automation, specializing in low voltage applications (600V or less).
Compact solutions for existing electric rooms and switchgear. Turnkey solutions for system design, hardware design and integration, and programming. DAI provides one-stop-shopping for power measurements, protection and control integration, specializing in utility compliance.  Read More...

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